Hello All,

I am finally back on the road after 6 trips over a couple of months to the same garage to fix an issue with my carburettor, arghhh! The said garage will NOT be recommended, especially after knee-ing in one of the side vents and putting a mark on the front wing! Double ARGHHH!!

Anyway, I am desperate to get a good run in the Cobra especially after missing the Northumberland weekend last month, so I have spontaneously booked to go to Duxford this Saturday for the 'Flying Legends'. Is anybody else going / has anyone been before?

We shall be heading down from Cheshire on Friday afternoon, staying near Grantchester Friday and Saturday night and heading home Sunday morning, so if any of you are about or going to Duxford, would be great to meet up.

All the best,

Andy and Jennie