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    Chevrolet LS1 Clutch Query

    Any LS1 clutch experience out there??

    My son has fitted an LS1 to a Porsche 944. He bought a conversion kit from the states including bellhousing and clutch. However, he is having clutch problems. He can't get the clutch to disengage. He is getting loads of movement on the hydraulic throwout bearing (which is the standard GM product). I think possibly too much and wondered if the pressure plate is over centering but he can't change gear whatever position he has the pedal. When not running he seems to be able to get the plate to free up by holding the pedal at one third travel. All a bit weird.

    I have no experience of these engines. I know you need to measure and shim etc but not sure if these problems relate to that or whether he just has a bad component mix. Can anyone help?

    He is running a 7/8 master cylinder which the stateside company says is what they use (seems big to me) and standard LS1 pressure plate. GM throwout bearing.

    Any experience shared would be gratefully received!!
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    I had a similar issue with my crate LS3 and TKO500 (might be related, might not).

    Basically I had to remove the gearbox, then the pivot ball and fit a couple of washers underneath it.

    The movement on fork was good, but the start position was too far away from the clutch plate.

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    Is this a internal slave?
    I used a 3/4 master but still a little stiff for me and then got away with a 5/8 but my internal slave is shimmed to near biting and i am using a stage 2 diamond clutch.
    These are a bugger to bleed as well so i fitted a remote bleeder at the same time.
    Did he fit a new slave? If so stock or aftermarket?
    Did he measure up correctly?
    Is all air out??
    Also pilot bearing in engine side can cause lots of problems if pulled in incorrectly.
    Sorry just trying to help though.
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    Thanks Gav, that’s all useful background. Yes, internal slave which is a standard GM part. He fitted a new pilot bearing and carefully measured all that to suit the Porsche torque tube so hopefully that is not the problem. He also fitted a remote bleed and we believe the air is out!! I think he needs to check the shimming on the slave and drop master cylinder size. First step is to take it out again and check tolerance, then go from there I think.

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