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    rear uprigts

    Hi there,

    Had the chance to buy two brandnew (never mounted/used) Aluminium rear uprights incl. mounted drive flanges 5 stud and stub axles 100 mm OD. It seems that they are similar to Sierra/Scorpio/Granada. The Sierra calipers fit the mounting bores perfect. I'm planing to use them for a new project. But it seems, when I search the net and the few build blogs that they are not for the Cobra (or maybe older ones) but for the T70 and sligtly different at the caliper braket. The newer ones have an additional bore. But that doesn't matter. I tried to put on 273 mm OD Cosworth vented rear brake discs but they are too big, can't fit the caliper any more. That is bad but can be solved with a adapter. What bothers me is the fact (caliper demounted) that the inside edge of the disc touches the upright at the bottom!

    Can someone tell me what rear discs are used on your cars?


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    I can tell you that there are two diameters of discs available . EBC have most options I think.
    The callipers are the same but the mount frames differ in width for the vented option and the original application bearing housings have two different offsets to accommodate the two diameters.

    So you can have solid or vented in both diameters.

    The vented mount frames seem to be in short supply though but the solid version is available new from Rally Design.


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    Thanks Andy.

    I have the calipers for ventes discs and the 253 mm disc fits perfect. I need to mill down a few mm from the inside to get enough space to the upright, problem solved. Another one I got: If I torque the center hub nut with 220Nm as recommended, I can't turn the hub anymore. Never had this before 20190720_201820.jpg20190720_201746.jpg
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    A few pics
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    There was a thread awhile ago, the same issue Sierra hub won't turn once tightened. It was the dust seal in the Wong way. When I did mine I followed this thread even has a video in it as does look right when fitting it the wrong way round. HTH
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    Can't find the thread gut thanks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philbrad73 View Post
    There was a thread awhile ago, the same issue Sierra hub won't turn once tightened. . . .


    I think that was me - link below


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    Seals are correct. But I let the new inner bearing inside the alloy hub, because they are brand new. And I let on the outside the outer conical ring stay. I just put a new bearing and seal in. It seems that I have to change all parts using the same manufaturer/batch. They may have some minimal different sizes and you can't combine them.

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