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    Finally 1st Cobra - 18 Kit Cars Later

    After 25 years involved in driving kit cars (I say driving - I’m not a builder!) I’ve had all Westfield’s - XTR’s, Megablades, Hyabusa’s
    & all conventual engine types! Caterhams, Ariel Atom’s, etc but finally age has caught up to me , so it’s now time for some fun with my newly acquired AK 5.7 litre Mk 2
    Just recently finished this year after a 2 year build with only 200 miles driven since new.
    Build is a total credit to Stuart who built it in his small Garage, as after looking for 8 months this one was by far the best in my price range of under £40k
    Roll on the good weather!
    Any other owners around South Cheshire??
    (Apart from Andy in Nantwich 5 miles down the road!)
    Ps - Never lost money on a kit car apart from Atom! - £5 loss over 12 months & 6k 👍👍

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    I’m not too far away in Runcorn. I have an AK as well with a Chevy.

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    Breakfast drive in at zchester on Sunday 7.30

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