Well my recent YIPPEE post has lost some of its shine! The car is now registered, insured, on the road and generally working as it should (good) - problem now is that it seems to be short of suspension travel at the rear and the rear axle hits on the handbrake bracket when going over some bumps. Looking at the rear trailing arm to chassis clearance, looks like I've got about 20mm (that's all) available movement before they touch. Also, looking at pictures of other Sumos it looks like my ride height is low. So I suspect that I've got either the wrong length/rate springs in the back or that they've relaxed - this view is further reinforced by the fact that I'm able to compress the springs adequately by hand to remove/refit them when the car is on axle stands and the suspension is fully extended.

Anyone know what the right/best spring rate and spring length is and also where I can buy some from?