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Thread: Rover 3.9

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    I think John was just asking about fitting the wee Weber and if there would be any problems going from a 3.5 to the bigger capacity 3.9.
    That is how I understood his question.

    You mentioned you had a 7 litre engine which was running fine on carbs
    and went on to a Jag IRS and potential problems registering his project.

    John, I converted an old sumo from V6 to Rover V8.
    I went the extra mile and cut out the bulkhead with that front mounted battery and glassed in a new panel.
    The live axle was just need to spin wheels at out age!

    The Rover was a 3.5 with the wee V6 weber fitted to a modified SU manifold.
    Only problem I had was the fuel pump couldn't keep up when foot to the floor from 4th into 5th gear.

    Fit the weber and have a go and see how it works.
    What is the worst that can happen ? Edelbrock and bigger carb £££

    All the best.
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    Thanks Drammyboy, if that’s your real name !
    It turned out to be a straightforward question after all so I was clear in what I was asking for after all. Perhaps I spend too much time on men’s car sites or perhaps it’s just the stresses of moving house that came to the fore.
    I have spent many years (60 plus) imparting both knowledge and parts (for free) and never been spoken to like a child and no, I haven’t behaved like one - not when I am 71 !!
    Many thanks to those courteous responders for his help.
    Louie .

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