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    Sumo Mk2 (dismantled) V6/V8

    Hi. New here.... I've recently acquired a Granada Mk2 based Pilgrim Sumo Mk2. The vehicle came mostly dismantled, and will need a lot of work to put right the poor quality of the original build. It is configured for the Ford V6 engine which I intend to replace with a Rover V8 (probably purchase from JRV8?). I'm aware that various modifications to the chassis will be necessary to accommodate the RV8. Is there any advice out there? Thanks.

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    The mods I made to the chassis are welded in MK2 V8 engine moubts, moved where the steering column goes through the bulkhead, gearbox mount is different as are headers 're route electrics and fuel/ coolant hoses. I also fitted a Sierra pedal box which had a hydraulic conversion. New propshaft as well.
    Other advice is set a budget and then double it.

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    Agree with all that Stu e has said, if you make your own engine mounts make sure the're low enough so the bonnet can close!, ( dont ask me how I know!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CP Sumo View Post
    ....It is configured for the Ford V6 engine which I intend to replace with a Rover V8 Is there any advice out there? Thanks.
    Hopefully you can do the work yourself - or my advice is win the ******** lottery. Guess which route I took... but I'd go for a 4.6 RV8....

    There's a whole load of things to consider, and better minds than mine will hopefully give their input. Front to back engine position, Engine wiring loom if using an ECU. New exhausts, change the gearbox, remote gearbox linkage, modified propshaft, ?upgraded diff carrier, Limited slip diff ? will the alternator need moving ? remote brake servo ? possible remote water pump, maybe new radiator.

    Hope you are better than I at the mechanicals - good luck !
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    the alternator needs moving on all V8 sumo installs I think. I dont think you need to worry about a remote oil filter.
    engine position: fit your steering rack first and then put the engine as close as you can to that would be my advice.
    Wiring: stick with a carb - it should be easier to diagnose faults, unless you already have lots of experience in this area.
    LSD - you will be stuck with a MkII Granada rear end I think, unless you have a huge appetite for chassis surgery, so beware overloading it.

    You will also find your grp floor pans will foul the rear suspension. Most people used to chop up, re-glass and adapt these so that they do fit!

    If funds permit, I would recommend taking the chassis to Pilgrim to have the MkIII triangulation points added as it makes it substantially stiffer.

    Engine mounts: I would just ask Pilgrim if they can supply them - save you a lot of R&D time.

    If you have a car with external door handles, I would strongly recommend just filling these in when you come to paint - it screams Sumo, and will affect re-sale price.

    Good luck!
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    Is it registered, through IVA, or whatever was in place at the time? Once through this hurdle, then you can do what you want/what your budget/appetite for grief allows - most of which turn out to take much longer than the 'reasonable-man' could possibly imagine


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    Hi. Thanks for all the replies, and apologies for not responding sooner (I've not been able to access my account). Will digest messages received - I'm sure there will be more questions.....

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    My first Cob Had a Ford V6 and once tuned ran like shxt off a shovel. Still sounded good too. Good luck though if your swapping to a V8, Its a pain
    MKIII Pilgrim Sumo. 3.5 Litre Rover V8 Towing an Eriba Puck Caravan

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    How about the AJ30 and manual 'box out of a Jaguar S-type. 240bhp stock and the same torque as the Rover 3.5 V8.

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