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Hi to you all,
As we mentioned last month, August is traditionally filled with holidays / events / painting the shed / mowing the lawn and maybe the odd blast of fire and smoke (ie flashing up the barbecue).
Therefore, we skipped a month in our usual 3rd Sunday activities. However, it looks like a few cobras were on display at the Lavenham Classic Car Show.

Also, away from the rally field, Guy Beston has been load testing his engine (hopefully a non-destructive test?). On a quite Saturday mid-August, he had a free morning and, as there is a Lotus garage opposite where he works with a rolling road which they use for tuning race cars and road cars, he went along for an hour and a half while they tuned the carburettor and worked out the BHP and the torque. ‘Scores on the doors’ are, apparently, 253 bhp (rear wheel?) and 271 lbs/feet torque from his 302 Ford in his Pilgrim.
Some more info would be useful Guy for anyone thinking of booking a rolling road session – cost, work carried out, facilities etc.
For many years we’ve been thinking about treating the Big Black Dax to a rolling road session, not so much to ascertain maximum power but rather to see if the old gal’s fuel tuning is where it should be. Certainly, with 400 cubic inches of grunt, the engine pulls like a train, but the knowledge that the stoichiometric ratio (look it up on Google) was where it should be would be nice to know (so as to avoid detonation or melted pistons!)

This month’s meet clashes with the Goodwood Revival. Steve will be down there for the duration and acting as stand eye candy (!) on the stand with Andy and Joy Soar. Drop by for a chat and a Hob Nob if you’re down that way. All being well, the weather gods will be smiling, and we should be able to provide a half decent event report next month.
However, if you are not Sussex bound, this month’s meet is on Sunday 15th September @ 12:00. We’re off to East Suffolk this month. How about The Hare and Hounds, Harrow Street, Leavenheath, Suffolk, CO6 4PW. The pub is just off the A134 near the B1068 junction. and 01787 212396. Enjoy!
Don’t forget to phone and book if you intend to eat.

We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
If you have a recommendation or a favourite venue, or know of any worthwhile events in 2019, please let us know.
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