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    Hi I’ve just scanned over the threads so forgive me if I’ve missed something, I bought a donor car in 2009 stripped the relevant parts which you can buy a manual for that car in order to strip it, you’ve already mentioned AK and if that’s what you fancy then I would speak to Jon or Wendy and get a build manual from them and go through that to see if you would be happy to commit to the project. My DAX has just covered 90 miles as in the last month it’s got IVA, registration, insurance and Tax, great feeling as someone else mentioned big smiles when you’re driving what you built. You will definitely need a good tool kit and you will spend a few quid on other tools I also built my own engine as had a background knowledge but again you can spend what you like on that part, so in closing good luck with what you choose and never be afraid to ask as no such thing as a stupid question and everyday is a school day....
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