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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
    I believe you now have Dax shells for trimming?
    I say....and I know you'll end to read this twice........ stick 'em in!
    Good for IVA, and will get you on the road. That's got to be the main objective. You can sort / refine the look later.
    I'm still doing this, but enjoying getting out and about.....which justifies the thousands spent on a pampered toy!

    Thread diversion (sorry)...
    Dave: you'll be pleased to hear the hardtop is NOT now going into storage for the winter, and 'er indoors is out of hospital. I wasn't thinking straight, got a grip of myself, and realised £300 storage costs pays for a lot of paint and filler.
    So, couple of afternoons last w/e and its nearly straight (or rather evenly curved). Another £30 on UPol gear just arrived, and I am hoping to get onto the Dolphin glaze this w/e. I'll then ask the locla paint shop how much for a couple of coats of poly and blow over with 2-pack top coat and glaze.
    Good news on all counts there. Yep the storage costs will get the hard top well on its way.

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    Last few weeks have been a blur of rearranging things, transport duties, oncology appointments etc but I did get an hour down the garage at the weekend.

    I needed to swage the ends of Dave's sidepipes (header end) out a tad so that 1 7/8" OD tube would slide into the nominally 2" OD tube - it was nearly there but not quite, while 1 3/4" tube was like throwing a sausage in a bucket - but stainless is hard, very hard. So, I've seen videos of folks putting together a hydraulic pipe expander using a Lisle manual (to be used with a rattle gun) expander plus a hydraulic sheet metal punch (for the hydraulic puller cylinder) - all of which are available in the US from Harbour Freight but are like rocking horse shite this side of the pond.. but eventually tracked down a reasonably priced copy of the Lisle kit and a punch.

    Bought both only to find that the draw bar with the (European) punch is metric while the Lisle copy (made in PRC) is imperial. D'oh!

    Being too impatient to try and make a metrperial draw bar (metric one end, imperial the other) and figuring I couldn't case harden it anyway (at least I assume they're hardened), I got the big Makita impact out and had at it.

    As long as everything is well lubed, it seems to survive.. as long as it survives four more tubes! If you look very carefully you can see where the tubes are swaged out just ever so slightly, but it's mostly taking the 'oval' out of them, really.
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