I thought I'd try and start a 'build blog' post here - I'm going to have to go back and fill in the blanks of all the historical stuff I've done, but maybe I'll be more inclined to keep this up to date rather than the blog itself which, as Kevin likes to remind me, hasn't been updated in years I'll start trying to post a six-month or so chunk per post, and catch back up that way over the next few days!

Everything began in .. 2011, maybe? With me sitting in a friend's office and looking at his model Cobra; he said to me "How expensive could it be?" and we downloaded the price list for Dax .. quick calculations later suggested £25k and I'd be on the road!

I can hear you all laughing uncontrollably now.. optimistic isn't the word! But I digress. A trip to Detling (RIP) where I sat in a Dax, a GD, looked at a Viper and looked at the AK was followed by a trip to a Dax open day and a test run in their demonstrator (not a test drive!) and a trip to Crendon to meet JK and sit in a Crendon.

At the time I wanted to build a 'modern' Cobra, but over time that has turned into wanting a more period correct Cobra and I probably should have bought a Crendon - but never mind, I committed to Dax… and so the story begins. (and hopefully continues, but I seem to be plagued with Server Errors when I try to post, so we'll see!)