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    Dax cobra may be for sale

    IF Your thinking of building a Cobra you may be interested in this as most of the hard work has been is done and will save you time and money
    i am thinking of selling my un finished Dax cobra project.
    not really bothered if i do or not, just lost interest in it not touched it in 5 years and would like another project

    It is a Dax standard chassis that has been upgraded over the years with back bone brace ,Dax Deion chassis strengthening plates ,single roll bar mounts ,seat belt mounts.
    the body is an early mk4 Dax body and one of the first out of the mould best your ever see and i have been told this by a number of people and is in red gel coat
    chassis and body bonded together and riveted , boot and bonnet fitted doors to be hung ,s/s nudge bars front rear fitted with over riders the bonnet is a rare louvered one
    running gear is all series 2 jaguar v12 all refurbished with seals bearing shims polly suspension bushes fitted and Dax spax adjustable shockasorbers all round
    brake pipes and fuel lines run in and brakes working and bleed, allminumin fuel tank /sender / fuel pump fitted .
    engine bay lined in dave brooks stainless steel panels and side vents. all lights trial radiator brake servo
    wheels are centre lines 500 split rims with billet aluminium centre with steel rims ,so no buckling issues from pot holes tyres BF Goodrich 295 rear 235 front.
    steering fitted and working but also have corsa B powered Colum if you would like to up grade it your self.
    side pipes in polished s/s and rear wheel spats

    engine is a 3.9 rover v8 heavily modified
    all new liner fitted with new pistons and rings / bearings , hi lift cam, billet timing gear / re faced and lightened fly wheel ,big valve head from real steel and double valve springs
    crank re ground and polished new oil pump gears and water pump , engine assembled and in the car
    new eldebrock carb and inlet manifold / linkage air filter
    gear box is a ford borgwarner T5 from rs500 with TVr bell housing and clutch assembly and fitted to the engine.
    prop shaft in place but may need to be shorten by a few mm more on the yoke.

    If you don't like light weight rv8 engine i do have a chevy 350 vortec roller cam engine
    i have Dax chassis mount and polly engine mounts so that they can be welded in place of the rv8 mounts
    the engine has had the heads removed for inspection but is in great condition will need new bearing and rings for best performance
    would come with new water pump ,new distributor, new starter ,new cross wind inlet manifold and new edelbrock new carburettor

    i will only sell the car with one engine not both easy for me to remove the RV8 that is fitted if needed

    wiring loom not fitted but will be supplied as will lights , various gauges some new some used but as new plus the dash board
    a pair of leather covered seats and runners , polo heater box and air vent with s/steel finishing plate
    new still in packing Dax windscreen and sunvisors and wing winds all chrome on brass quality all new
    pair chrome door latches strike plates ,twin single roll bars fitted but need the height adjusted so suite

    plus many more new part like mirrors , large lemans filler cap trial fitted

    as said not bothered if i do or do not sell the car as i don't need to
    please don't ask for any part as it is to sell the whole lot in one go and not parts .
    price 15K

    All parts to the best of my knowledge are SVA / IVA acceptable
    like windscreen ,side pipes front / rear nudge bars and Over Riders , mirrors and so on

    i can add more picture if required and comes with a folder full of invoice's and receipts

    just like to add all work carried out to the highest standards of workmanship from time served now retired avionics engineer
    if it was good enough for my cobra it was good enough for Boeing 747. !!

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    Hi All
    the Dax cobra is still for sale i not pushed it at all or advertised it any where else

    i have now sold of all the chevy parts and engine i had and very happy with the out come

    the car still for sale with tuned rover v8 and T5 gearbox no chevy option now
    many parts to come with the car like new screen /gauges / eldelbrock carb /manifold /heater so on plus all the little bits that all add up
    price still the same 15K and i will only sell it a whole package will not split,

    ps/ stay at home stay safe then happy days to follow

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    Still for sale

    THEIR May be a misconception i have sold the cobra
    This is not true i have only sold all the chevy engine and parts i had
    what you see in the pictures is still for sale engine / gearbox and all the many part to go with the car to much to mention
    the only part i think i don't have is door cards and carpet
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    Some of the parts included in the sale of the cobra and much more
    will not sell separately
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