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    8th December, Horton Inn

    The second Sunday is fast approaching. However with the busy period of Christmas upon us and the colder and rather wet weather, I’ll leave it to you guys as to whether we meet or not. I’ll have my Cobra cunningly disguised as a Mini convertible while the Mini convertible, cunningly disguised as a Cobra still languishes in the garage with ‘stuff’ being done.
    If there is no response to this post or people come back saying what I’m thinking then that’s cool. We can shelve the meetings till early spring.
    Please don’t forget I am NOT the area rep (yet). I’m just some guy seeing what interest there is before hats get thrown into the ring for the position.
    Saying that though, I do have some ideas for events for the coming year, involving trips in the snakes but not necessarily car orientated. We most of us have wives!! Would also like to see what can be arranged with a two night weekend stay somewhere in the cars, possibly Cornwall, Wales, Devon etc? Maybe even France or Channel Islands possibly??

    My car now has all the parts collected to begin the rebuild and I’m hoping to have her back on the road by mid January. She will remain the same colour for now but nice new interior, new seats and a 5 speed box.

    Cheers for now. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Life is driving the Cobra. The rest of the time is just waiting.

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    Hi David, hope all is well.

    I have only just read this, sorry, but was busy anyway as you say with Christmas stuff. I like the way you are thinking for next year, could be great fun.
    Pilgrim Sumo Mk3, like me old but loved

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