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    Speaking of Engineering videos..

    A comment on KugaWestie's thread reminded me of this video:

    I know it's bikes, not cars, but the raw engineering talent in this fella is something else - and to think he built all of them in a single garage with only basic tools (check out his tool collection!) a lathe and a mill.. OK, the lathe and the mill were mighty important because he does things like makes his own crankshafts I am in awe.. and I'd like to meet him and shake his hand! Then spend a week in his workshop with him.. (the same goes for some other YouTube folks like Abom79, Keith Fenner, This Old Tony .. you can lose hours watching other people make stuff!)
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    I've learnt loads about fabrication from Trevs blog, urchfab, and This old Tony, you've just got to work out which sites are good and which are cowboy chancers😁

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