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    Hey Aaron, its not mine but a mates car, which he's heavily modified for track use. We made some caliper carriers not so long ago to fit VW Touareg 6 pot front calipers for example!

    Stronger gears are the only really sensible option. He's already running around 400hp and is currently fabricating a new exhaust system to add a larger twin scroll turbo which he thinks will have it nudging 500. Add slicks to the equation and the standard 5 speed is only really hanging on due to careful use. Its amazing its lasted this long.

    It really wants a full race box but £10-12k isn't in his budget, whereas I think with some creative shipping (ie someone puts them in a suitcase!) he can get hold of a 3/4 straight cut synchro set out of the US for around £1500.
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    Ah yes - nothing is going to find the weak bits like putting gobs of power down through racing slicks!
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