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    You should be ok to get a set of push rods and swap over.
    No need to take manifold off, just be careful when pulling out of the lifters.
    The push rod guides are just that, a guide, lubricant shouldn't make any real difference here, its not a bearing surface, you might want to find the guide to pushrod with the biggest clearance and take the others out to this.
    Check the pushrods you have on a flat surface to see if there is any whip in them.

    Give everything a good look over, and then when assembled before you put the rockers back on with the push rods in the lifters wind the engine over by hand and just check the amount of lift you have, just to make sure you haven't wiped a cam journal.
    If something doesn't look right then it will be inlet off and look at the lifters etc.
    Have a look at the rockers themselves to make sure nothing is wrong here.

    Just check, check and then check again.

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    Long time since I ran a 429 but I agree with Bigblock - this is not likely an oil supply issue. More likely an alignment issue with those guides in my view. I never used guides on any of my 429's incidentally. Interesting the wear is only on one head - perhaps check how the guide is fitted on the good side for comparison??
    Also as mentioned by someone else, be careful not to pull out a lifter when taking out the pushrods. They normally require a jiggle to break the oil suck. 5/16 diameter should be fine for your replacements. As you have aftermarket rockers it might be worth checking pushrod length before you order new ones - you never know!!
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