Hi to you all, Gary Burrells reports that there was a brace of blue cobras at October’s meet at The Swan, Hilborough. He was joined by Chris Jennings, who highly recommends the Spicy Parsnip soup. We, unfortunately, had a date with a more mundane project. Our wooden framed greenhouse has slowly become undermined by furry vermin which had resulted in some sag-age and broken glass. Additionally, the frame is well past its prime. So, we spent an enjoyable weekend tearing it down and digging out a footing for a concrete base for a replacement. First world problems eh. Listening to the news the past week, we have certainly been fortunate, living in a relatively dry part of the country. Our brethren to the north seem to have had dreadful rainfall and very unsettling flooding. The year is drawing to a close with short days and plenty of frosty mornings on the way. Is your cobra tucked up for the winter or do you still brave the cold when the sun shines? We don’t anticipate much more cobra related activity until the new year, in fact we are not available for this month’s meet on Sunday 17th November. We suggest you correspond via our WhatsApp group and, assuming the weather is blisteringly sunny, make arrangements to meet up at the venue of your choice. We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format. If youhave a recommendation or a favourite venue or know of any worthwhile events in 2020, please let us know. January 2020 – West Suffolk February 2020 - East Suffolk March 2020 - West Norfolk April 2020 - East Norfolk etc.