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    Original style wiper knob

    Hi all, I wanted to share a solution for you guys that want to use an original style wiper knob on a rotary switch. the cheaply available duralite switch is what I was using, but I needed to mount an original style knob.

    before I start John at S&J motors can supply everything as a kit, not sure about the knob but I had already bought this a while ago. I broke the switch down - warning if you do this mark the position of the internal parts with a sharpie so you can realign them when putting them back together. the solution I went with means you don't need to do this as I've done it for you! just in case you thought of doing what I was planning.

    the first idea was to replace the central shaft with a hex shaft, the pic below shows the shaft separated from the body, put the hex shaft in the lathe, turn one half down to tube to go through the body, into flat connector bar and weld it in place. too much trouble!

    so John came up with the idea of drilling through the hex shaft, sliding it over the original shaft and fitting 2 grub screws to hold against the flat on the top D section

    hopefully you can make out the D section inside the shaft.

    the hex shaft was 7mm, I bought 6mm but it was loose, John thinks 3/8 shaft would be better - don't forget this is me making a prototype!! I had to take a small needle file to the inside flats to gently open up the inside to go over the hex. slowly here and keep trying it!

    once done, it was a case of getting the length right - here below is it before cutting down.

    here it is with the hex trimmed down with a dremmel disc.

    not quite there yet!! John made the original style ring nut to match the duralite switch threads BUT electric wise I run a lucas style loom with a 2 speed wiper, you have to run this through a change over relay ( 5 pin ) NOT A LATCHING RELAY

    don't laugh at my pic - it worked for me! the Park and Low circuit interfere and the wipers wont park if you don't use a relay.

    so hopefully if you are looking for that final touch of authenticity that is functional instead of wiring your wipers through the toggle switch - speak to John at S&J now I have led the way!!

    as usual any questions please ask

    .............never drive faster than your guardian angel. - this is the link to my build photo's you have to put w w w . h t t p : / / in front of it!!

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    Thank you Lee, interesting solution. Best with all your mods - please post pics when she’s all done!

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    Nice work! Pretty sure that's the same circuit I ended up with, too - I'll dig mine out when home again on Monday so we can compare notes
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    That's a nice neat solution Lee.

    I was thinking of grinding the "D" section into a hex shape (no lathe) and packing the gaps to match the hex on the knob but that is a much better solution.

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