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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisP View Post
    It's worth a visit. The other place just off the Fosse but a little further down is The Classic Car Hub (Bibury Airfield, turn left off the Fosse just after Northleach). Often a few Cobras there and a nice little cafe plus loads of expensive cars for sale!!
    I too have replaced a leaking radiator and have just fitted a Spyda!! All good fun. If you are Cotswolds way and fancy a meet up let me know
    After your previous post Chris , I googled “Classic car hub” ,and came up with this instead, which is based on the old historic RAF Bibury site , assuming this is the place you meant , so I shortened it to CMH in my reply.. It looks right up my street and will definitely join you, once my cob is sorted and behaves itself .

    Any tips when fitting and calibrating the Spyder ,and Is your gauge behaving properly now having fitted it.

    I’ll let you know when I next pop down to see my mate in Stroud.

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    That's it, the old WW2 airfield, the cars are all in various old hangars. Good cafe and usually good company there. You'll need a few hundred grand if you intend buying anything decent!!!! (been a lovely AC Ace there for a while)
    The Spyda is a bit fiddly. Make sure you read the instructions carefully. I did not get a good result entering the preset for MGB (which is my sender) but only after I entered the actual resistance values for empty, 1/4, 1/2 etc. Anti slop useful, and yes, once I sorted it it all works well. I found the resistance values for mine on the web. Because it involves a lot of pressing various buttons, I found it easiest to write the code down for each value on a piece of paper A1, B2 etc and work it through. I'm sure you will suss it - I am not known for my patience!!
    Look forward to meeting up.
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