A couple of questions, really.. we dropped the 'buck' engine and gearbox in over Christmas (see my build thread) and now I'm trying to figure out how to mount the gearbox; Dax (probably back when Gary was doing fab work) added a gearbox mount at the tail end which is shaped like this:

(Rectangles are a cross-section of the chassis tubes, lines are the plate steel gearbox mount)

So I've been trying to figure out how high up the tail of the gearbox needs to be - the build manual offers little advice really other than "Put engine and gearbox in, set height with shims, done" - so as I understand it, the aim is to have:
  1. The gearbox output flange and diff input flanges parallel to one another
  2. The gearbox output and diff input should not be in-line with one another
  3. I also thought the diff was meant to point slightly nose-down (which I guess mine does at 89º) and gearbox tail-up, though I've seen some diagrams with them pointing nose-up and gearbox tail-down?

My diff input flange measures 89º from horizontal according to my digital angle gauge (set to zero with respect to the chassis), and once I've jacked the gearbox tail up to also read 89º I'm going to need an awfully large (90mm tall!) gearbox mount and at that point, it seems like it would have made far more sense to use the 'normal' Dax style gearbox mount plate (which is flat) rather than a dropped one. This makes me think I've got something very wrong..

FWIW there is zero adjustment in the diff - the diff carrier is solidly bolted to the diff and to the chassis and there is no provision for shims in the Dax carrier or the diff - so the only adjustment I have is to the arse end of the gearbox and/or by shimming the engine mounts to raise the engine.

Alternatively - has anyone fitted a T56 in a Dax and have pictures of how your (very, very short) driveshaft ended up looking?