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    Shifter help

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    Shifter help?
    Thread: Shifter help?

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    ramairguy said:
    26-12-19 06:43 PM
    Shifter help?
    I have purchased a Cardiac Cobra. I thought the car was pretty good, however I am finding many, many issues as I work on it and am trying to straighten them out slowly over the winter. Here is one of my dilemas.
    I am trying to get the car more "correct" in appearance. This has led to many required changes.

    The car is equipped with a 351 Cleveland backed with a toploader 4 speed. The shifter is currently located on the tranny tunnel where a 289 Cobra shifter would be. I hate it as the car is a 427 SC copy and the big block cars have the shifter come up between the seats. I have bought the original correct 1965 Mustang shifter assembly, with the correct shifter lever. This came with correct Factory shifter linkage rods for a 65 Mustang as well.

    The toploader body is about 25.5" long overall, the tailcase is approximately 14.5" of the overall 25.5" length. The Shifter needs to be moved back so it is between the seats, about a further 4" approximately. Does anyone know how to achieve this?
    I assume:
    - Longer shifter levers? Which ones?

    - An adapter block to move the shifter assembly farther back in the tunnel?

    - Buying a longer tailcase for the toploader and new output shaft? I will have to then shorten the driveshaft and again get the proper linkages, that's ok.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone also do this at any point?

    Thanks Larry

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    Hi Larry,

    Welcome aboard - you may find better support for the your particular cobra on the US based forums.

    That particular model is not one i've heard of over here in the UK, but someone may of heard of it.

    Good luck with your search

    Conny - A Carnival Red Metallic (paint code Ref: Jag CGG/1811) Southern Roadcraft V8 ( SRV8 ) with 383ci stroker chevy.

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    For almost every cobra using a toploader you use the shortest 14" tailhousing as its all that fits. The prop is tiny as it is! You almost certainly have the right tailhousing.

    Be aware that depending on the model the trans came from the shifter assembly can bolt into different places on the tailhousing (it should have bosses cast in). The mustang setup should bolt up at the rear of the tailhousing and you should then be fine. some other models it was bolted further forward (Falcons I think from memory)

    Have a nosey at the David Kee site, plenty of info on there

    Franklly I love the idea of a cobra called a "cardiac"!
    Lloyd B
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    I have a mustang top loader in my Cobra. I bought a Hurst shifter system for it and had to cut and reweld the shift lever 180 degrees round as it came back too far.
    Happy to share what details I have of mine if it can help.

    SRV8 - 429 Ford Big Block, 4 speed toploader

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