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Thread: 3D Printers

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    poland krk
    Bowden, but I think shorter than in your chiron ~40cm.
    With harder, TPU 55D 50D it is even possible to control the retraction, but 40D is a challenge.

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    I have a Delta now as well - FLSun Q5 - but both have really long bowden tubes (the Q5 is quite tall being a delta, although not as tall as the QQ-S which is gigantic!) You remind me that I need to print another tube fixture.. but I'm probably going to have to bake the PLA as it's been sitting on the printer for months.. 3D printing is never a simple thing, is it
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    Things have moved on for me on the 3D printing front too. My previous plan to build a 400x400 or 500x500 printer got overtaken when I saw an e3D BigBox on Gumtree for £150. The guy had paid over £1000 for this kit when it was launched, and from the photos showing the awful quality of the prints he had included in the ad I knew he must have made a complete pig's ear of the build. And so he had - he never got the print settings right, yet had "upgraded" it by printing replacement components which had fallen apart, including one of the belt tensioners! All the electrical connections had been made by twisting the wires and covering in insulating tape. So I decided to strip it down completely and start again, but this time based on a custom 2040 aluminium frame to fit inside the perspex panels, and converting it to my own Core-XY design with a 32bit processor board - it's fast and reliable, and is now my "go to" printer.

    I was fortunate enough to be beta tester this year for the new e3D Revo hotend. This is awesome, and I can't wait for stocks of the production model to become available, as I've further upgraded my BigBox printer to a dual extruder / dual hotend, and there's a hole where the second Revo should be!

    On top of this I've recently added two resin printers to my collection. The first was a Qidi S-Box with a 10.1" build plate (a massive 215x130x200mm build volume). It was lightning deal on Amazon at £349 - it's built like a tank, and weighs 25kg! It's great for large resin prints, but for higher resolution work I've also bought an Anycubic Photon Mono - an eBay bargain at £99 (ostensibly a used customer return, but actually brand new with a one year warranty). I'd been thinking about branching out to resin printing for some time, but had been put off by the highly toxic nature of uncured resin and the fumes it produces when it cures (formaldehyde anyone?). It's quite frightening to think that people (especially youngsters into miniature figure printing) use these in unventilated rooms, with prints often running for 12 hours plus.

    So my first task was to design and make a fan-assisted flexible hose venting system for each - this, plus the use of Anycubic Eco (low odour) resin has removed the toxic fumes problem. I picked up a VOC/Formaldehyde air quality meter at a great price, and used it to check that it's all safe. My latest addition is a huge Creality UW-02 wash and cure station for £129 (still available here if anyone's interested). By filing down the sides of the S-Box build plate handles and making a custom bracket for the UW-02 I can now transfer the entire buiild plate and print directly to the wash station. This holds nearly ten litres of cleaning fluid, so rather than having vast quantities of highly flammable isopropyl alcohol (with yet more toxic fumes!) around the house I've found a non-toxic and non-flammable alternative for resin washing - Dowanol TPM.

    Since selling my Dax I seem to spend most of my time these days designing and printing all sorts of stuff. As I said in my previous post, there's still some way to go before these are truly consumer friendly items, and they are of limited use unless you invest the time in learning how to use a 3D design package. But the reward for that is being able to take a concept and develop it into a finished product.

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