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Hi to you all, and a (belated) Happy New Year. How was Christmas? Filled with Yuletide joy or did you ‘get away from it all’? We spent Christmas week in the middle of nowhere, away from civilisation with just us, the dog and a small radio – and it was shear bliss to enjoy the peace and quiet off grid. As we glance out of the window, where is the frost, snow and salty roads that we would normally expect at this time of year? Has the earth slipped on its orbit? Have we been invaded by the XYZ Men? What the hell are we going on about? What we mean is, we hope you are making use of the unseasonably mild weather and are hooning about the countryside enjoying yourselves. Gary Burrells, Mark Chambers, Chris Jennings and Andy Soar have been doing just that. Using the wonder of technology that is our group chat feature on ‘WhatsApp’ they’ve got together for an impromptu meet-up for a brew and a chat and the mandatory photo call (as the photos in this newsletter demonstrate). You may have noticed some mention in a cinema near you last November of a little movie that may be of great interest to you. A story all about “Le Mans 66” or (as titled in the USA) “Ford v Ferrari” (as they may have thought it was the 65th sequel to “Le Mans”!) We went to see it and thoroughly enjoyed it but our roving reporter, and man-about-town, Guy Beston has kindly provided his review – for your review. “I went to see Le Mans '66 on Friday night. This is the story of the battle between Ford and Ferrari to win the 24-Hour race at Le Mans. This story will be well known to any person who has more than a passing interest in the story of Carroll Shelby's struggle to build the "ultimate" sports car. You might call this a "background" film because a lot of good "Cobra stuff" happens in the background.
Just to put the record straight, this is not a story about the Cobra. The Cobra appears in the film, in fact Cobras feature quite a lot. Matt Damon who plays Carroll Shelby costars alongside our favourite car which is his daily drive, (there is a good bit where he is sitting in a Cobra, eyes closed and the V8 is idling with the great noise in the background).

This is a film about the GT40 which means that the Cobra already existed. This is illustrated in some scenes by Shelby selling this new, exciting car, the "Cobra" at his base near the airport. One couple are seen talking about "his" and "her" 427 Cobras.
The Cobras are seen quite a lot in the background including a Daytona and a wooden Daytona buck but the GT40 is definitely the star of the show.
Christian Bale who plays Ken Miles, I thought, was a bit out of his depth playing a character who was a mechanical wizard. I suspect Mr Bale has his car looked after by somebody else. But he made a good stab at the part.
There is one scene where Ken Miles has a fit and beats the inside of the boot lid of the Cobra he is about to race with a big hammer. This is because he is going to be disqualified as the boot of his car is not the correct size. I think an average person who does not know why this is, would be left perplexed. I don't think this was explained very well.
This is a film which has a few mistakes which Cobra fans will pick up on, but it is an entertainment piece and I was entertained.
Well worth a visit to the cinema.
Many thanks Guy, we’ve pre-ordered the DVD.

Again, we don’t anticipate much cobra related activity unless we suddenly have a heat wave but this month’s meet on Sunday 19th January is around the corner. Why don’t we make use of the group chat on our WhatsApp group and, assuming the weather is blisteringly sunny, make arrangements to meet up at the venue of our choice. We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format. If youhave a recommendation or a favourite venue or know of any worthwhile events in 2020, please let us know. January 2020 – West Suffolk February 2020 - East Suffolk March 2020 - West Norfolk April 2020 - East Norfolk etc.