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    Not sure when France will open up as there roll out of the vaccine is so slow.
    My Euro tunnel crossing has been moved twice.
    Most companies have been good at allowing you to moving your dates and letting you know the situation.
    I have lost out with Ryanair as they still had flights but everything was locked down and they said if the flights go ahead you loose out ! You have to move the flight 30 days before in the small print . I got a refund on another flight after a long wait but they kept offering me vouchers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUMBALL View Post
    Hi Phil,

    Yeah, that's what I intend to do when (if!!) they officialy cancel the event.

    They were good at moving our booking previously (both Brittany Ferries and Eurotunnel).

    We'll be there again in 2022 anyway as we've been to every one except the first.

    If we lose the money it will be a bit of a bummer but could always have been worse.

    Annoyingly, I organise it for a group of us so I feel guilty if we lose our money. We'll see what happens.

    If I had booked it as a package it probably would have been easier.

    I meant if you asked them now and to keep you booking especially if you book for multiple people. They might confirm a full refund now? Then you don't have to worry about it?

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    I'll probably carry on and have a French road trip instead of the LMC.
    That's assuming that France is open for tourism at that point?
    Roll over the LMC tickets once again?
    I agree, I can't imagine it's going to happen again.
    Same with the Silverstone Classic. Again booked and payed for.
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