I would fit Pilgrim wiper box grp mouldings to my Dax shell
This would position the wiper boxes at the correct angle with no need for the chrome bezels

Alter the 2-piece gearbox removable tunnel by moulding a triangular section to the floorpan
And sloping rear bulkhead.
I have a smaller top piece that can be easily removed
This modification stiffens up the central shell and still leaves enough room
To get to the brakes, prop, speedo sender and pump without pulling out both seats

Shorthen the inner boot panels to follow the rear wheel profile a bit closer
This would give more boot space

Make an adaptor for the front overriders to attach to the vertical chassis plate
This would allow the bodyshell to be removed more easily as it is lifted
Without the need to tilt it back and forth to settle on the chassis

Think about a FULL grp monocoque shell
Why have those Forth Rail Bridge chassis dragged along with an electric motor