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    You paid extra for the rusty bolts. I have started to look at using allen socket bolts as they come in 12.9 grade high tensile strength imperial UNF also less chance of rounding plus easier access. I had a lengthy discussion with my engineering friend who has design systems for the marine industry on oil tanks who have stringent regulations. The motor industry have moved to star bolts.

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    You do have to pay a premium for the quality British rust

    I would normally just use cap head bolts, although I think regular hex head might be easier to do up in this application (given limited space and all the crap surrounding them), just really wanted the plain shank.. perhaps I'll just use some 12.9 cap head instead

    That said - once filled with road crud, allen headed bolts are often anything but less prone to rounding! I think that's why modern cars have a lot of Torx and/or spline-drive rather than allen, they are a bit less prone to stripping without full engagement (in my experience taking bits of cruddy BMW apart, anyway!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronjb View Post
    At least the Jag ones say "made in the UK" on the packet - I assume that means they come with the built-in British Leyland rust?
    i think that just means the packet is made in the UK.

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