I need to replace my Bosch 044 fuel pump, which I'm pretty sure is failing. I think the problems started after I almost ran out of fuel early the year before last, and I have been getting cuts in power more frequently ever since on longer drives. I suspect the pump is picking up inside when it gets hot, and stopping. It's always possible it's an electrical problem, and I'll make sure that the electrical side is OK when I refit it all.
The existing arrangement is that the fuel pump is on it's side on the boot floor next to the fuel tank, with a fuel filter between tank outlet and pump inlet. Pump outlet goes to a regulator in the boot, with feed to engine and return to tank from this. I'm pretty sure there is no fuel filter after the pump. I'll try and add a picture to this thread.
I had been thinking of just replacing like for like, but the setup doesn't seem right to me. The pre pump fuel filter looks like it might be far too fine, but I've not confirmed exactly what it is, and a post pump fuel filter would be a good idea. Also, with the pump where it is I will always be at risk of starving the pump of fuel going round left hand corners, and these pumps don't like being starved of fuel...
I am considering adding a swirl pot and lift pump, good idea? If so, any recommendations? I have a pretty standard LS6, run by a LinkECU, about 400bhp. I've never done a track day, but I keep toying with the idea.
The fuel tank on my GD is too small really, I think it's only about 39litres, and with the fuel gauge being wildly inaccurate I've been juding when to fill on the trip, so I think I'll fit a spiyda gauge wizard too.
I think the latest GD build manual has the fuel pump mounted behind the diff, but it still isn't really lower than the lowest part of the fuel tank, so I'm still concerned by this approach needing the fuel pump to suck fuel. These high pressure pumps don't seem to be good at that, hence the swirl pot idea. I'm pretty happy to leave the pump in the boot, I haven't had much in the way of fuel smell in there. At least not until I accidentally had fuel foaming out when I filled up too fast, then running down the roll bar hole into the boot...

Any opinions very garefully received!

Thanks, Richard