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Hi to you all,
As predicted in last month’s newsletter, February’s weather was pretty grim, with storms, rain and flooding.

Consequently, last month’s meet at The Dennington Queen was a somewhat damp affair.
Mark Bright reports -
The 16th was a truly awful day weather wise with rain, gales and more rain. Three of us made it out to the Dennington Queen.
The pub put on a lovely Sunday roast. When that was polished off Andy Edmunds showed up, having eaten down the road at Badingham White horse as the Queen was full.
Of course we enquired if Andy had finished yet 🙂 He told us that the body was ready to come off again, and then go on again, or was it go on, come off and go on, I get dizzy thinking about it. Either way it is not finished, but may be, one day.
I guess he may be the first to have an E Cobra if he does not get a shifty on.
No Cobras present the weather put paid to that.
Many thanks Mark.

During February, we decided to travel across to the other side of the globe, to Perth, Australia, to escape the lousy weather and are happy to report that the sun was cracking the flags at a balmy 34oC. Whilst in Western Australia, we took a number of road trips (apart from the Swan Valley and Margaret River wineries and breweries 😊). We visited Lake Dumbleyung. “Where on earth is that?” you all cry. It was the venue for Donald Campbell to break the World Water Speed Record in 1964 at 276.33mph in Bluebird K7. Apart from being a frontier town, the locals have created a full scale replica of the boat and have a small museum and various displays in recognition. Steve was as happy as a sand boy and took many photos and drank many beers. No change there! We were also happy to see many Holden utes and V8 Commodores, although we resisted the temptation to bring back a load of spare parts for Eileen’s Monaro.

… and so, to this month’s meet on Sunday 15th March (NOT Mother’s Day). This month is West Norfolk’s turn. No suggestion’s forthcoming there but, again, Mark Bright has pulled one out of the bag. So how about The Packhorse Inn, Bridge Street, Moulton, CB8 8SP and 01638 751818.
See you there.

We’ll continue to populate the ‘3rd Sunday’ calendar with interesting pubs to visit in our usual ‘On Tour’ format.
If you have a recommendation or a favourite venue or know of any worthwhile events in 2020, please let us know.
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