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    Yes, they are linked with an air-line between the two vacuum chambers. In the picture below, my new carbs with factory vacuum chamber covers (and the old air filters) are shown. Below that are my old carbs where I drilled and tapped the vacuum covers for 90degree grease fittings that had the balls and springs removed. I got those old ones free.

    Someone had drilled ragged looking holes into the choke towers. I eventually decided to buy new ones as the idle was always rich. Two carbs meant twice the fuel at idle. I had the mixture screws all the way in and it was OK. With the new carbs, the mixture screws wound up about 1/4 turn out.


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    Well, I'm expecting delivery of the stubstacks any day now. I have held off taking off the choke towers until I have the stacks just to make sure I get that right although from what I can see on the web you just take them off at carb level. If anyone is going to do this make sure you get the right K&N part. They do three types of stubstack, 1. fits over the choke tower, 2. choke tower removed, no air cleaner and 3. choke tower removed, air cleaner required. I have gone for 3. which is K&N part no. 85-0400 and these will hopefully improve the airflow and sit within the air cleaner chamber.
    I'm looking forward to giving it a go........
    Dax with 1964 Dual Quad 427 and Toploader box

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