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Thread: Spigot bearing

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    Spigot bearing

    Anyone recently installed a spigot bearing in the end of their crankshaft on a chevy 350. I have to do one on my build,its a needle roller type. Is it normally a tight fit or can it be tapped in using a drift and hammer. On my bearing the inner race sticks out by about 3 mm is this the face that goes away from the crank or into the crank?
    Any recommendations welcome.

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    I fitted a similar roller bearing on my 302 recently.
    Yes it will be quite tight, but you should be able to knock it in with a brass drift or similar.
    Mine would only fit one way though.
    I would suggest that you don't want to be hitting the end of the rollers so I would think that's the inner end?
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    Find a suitable size socket which is just slightly smaller in diameter than the bearing and use that to tap in the bearing, that way you shouldn't get any twisting as it goes in

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    I have just installed mine on a 350 before christmas, super tight, socket as detailed above flat over it and gently drift it in making sure it is square all the way in. Very simple.
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    Thanks for the replies, the method using a socket is the way i thought might be the way forward. What i wanted to do was attach two photos of my bearing showing the difference ie one end the inner race protudes forward by about 3 mm , the other end is basically flat and its not clear which way round it needs to be fitted.
    Any chance that one of yourselves could forward to me an e-mail address so that i could show that person the pictures i have taken.
    Not being able to attach pictures is a real problem and i have certainly tried.

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