Hi Chaps

Quick question for the engine and carb guys.

On lift off anywhere above about 2500 rpm I'm getting a loud popping from exhaust. When I say loud, I mean like a rifle shot on gear changes or lift off. Overrun (after the initial excitement) isn't too bad, in fact barely noticeable pops and rumbles.
The big bangs happen as soon as I come off the throttle unless is am very very gentle. At standstill it can pretty much shoot flames on demand. Whilst its all very exciting, I could do to tone it down a bit if possible. So getting down to the technicalities, I understand it could be one of two things (feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

1. Exhaust drawing air, likely at point headers meet manifold
2. Carb set-up

I'm very reluctant to adjust the carb as the engine is making good power and torque all the way across the rev range 2000-6500k, no idle issues, no hesitation, albeit it nearly makes my eyes water with the fuel (vapour) if the bonnet is up. Previous owner had engine built and dyno'd, albeit this was a few years ago, it has only covered around 2000 miles. Its safe to say the exhausts have minimal, if any sound deadening.

Engine is a 383 Chevy with Street Avenger Carb.

Thoughts and suggestions for easy checks welcome.