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    Jun 2020
    Sorry for the lack of replies, I've only just wandered back to the site to check, and I didn't realise the level of Sussex love there was.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyoz View Post
    Welcome.I am a Worthingtonian.Where abouts are you,I am in Christchurch road.Drop me a pm or leave a message in this thread
    I'm in Findon Valley, I'll PM you shortly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
    - why I love Sussex - its car land.

    and another local club worth joining....
    I'll send you a PM also, perhaps us locals could catch up for a socially distanced chat. Thanks for the club link, I'll check it out.

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    West Sussex
    That really looks like a fun project. Do you have a build thread around here?

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    Hockley ,Essex
    I like the colour scheme you have,
    That's because I am biased due to my SRV8 being the same.
    What I have noticed on yours is your front indicators have
    I think, the Lucas L691 clear lenses, something that I am thinking
    of going to from my L691 amber lens type.
    Have you any idea what type of bulbs are behind the lenses, are they the black
    reflective type tungsten 21watt sort ?
    I'm sure they are not the yellow ones as they don't look that good on most cars.
    Question no2 : What lenses do you have on the rears ?
    Complete Change of subject, you may or may not consider white lettering on
    your tyres.
    I have just recently changed my tyres to the raised white lettering type,
    they look great in my opinion but I am biased.
    I hope you get a lot of useful information, pleasure and banter from this
    forum as I have .
    Some day I will get around to putting out some pics .

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