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    Thumbs up Silverstone Classic 2021 provisional dates

    Silverstone have sent out the following communication:
    "2021 Dates
    Looking positively ahead to 2021, we’re pleased to announce that our provisional dates for next year are 30 July – 1 August. As usual, these will remain provisional until the dates for the British Grand Prix are ratified by the FIA (usually at the start of December) but be sure to pop the dates in your diary and we hope that this helps with your planning for now.
    We hope that you’ll be able to join us next year for our postponed 30th anniversary party as well as a series of other deferred celebrations… plus some brand new ones; it’ll be an incredible event. We’re also looking at the ways in which we can pay a fitting tribute to the inspiring key workers who have supported us all through this very difficult period, too. More on that soon.

    Tickets for next year’s event will be available in the Autumn."

    I'll post more info as I get it...

    Graham H
    GrahamH - Dax 350SBC, UK Cobra Club Magazine editor (from Sept17)

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    Hi Graham,

    this sounds amazing. I actually buy back my Sumo, that I sold in 2008 and had built in 2003 when I was 25, in September. Very exciting for two reasons (one of which you touch on above). The first, My Dad unexpectedly passed away, we were super close and he helped with certain parts of the build and the other, this is a proper present back to myself. I am one of those key workers, and as with many in a similar situation this has been one of th agrees periods of my life work and family wise. I have honestly averages no less than 97.5 hours a week since March the 13th. I have had two days off since January 3rd and had been living in a hotel in London away from homes 4 nights a week, my wife not furloughed and with a 3 and 5 year old, long days and late nights working for her. It has been super tough. My job - one of those responsible for procurring vital PPE for the UK (I work for NHS England and Improvement). So a tough and very challenging role and I have been dragged through the mud with media doorstepping me at times. Have felt very sorry for myself but can see the light now (the fact I have time to write this answers that). Anyway I have joined the club, getting my car back and would massively look forward to this.Kr Nick

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    I'm sure everyone who uses the forum will echo my thoughts in saying that the NHS and those support the NHS effort deserve every bit of praise they've received over the past few months. Stirling work by everyone involved.

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