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Thread: Just saying Hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalibre46 View Post
    Welcome, I also recently joined (see the other Newbie thread), also from West Sussex (Worthing). Definitely seems to be a few of us around these parts.
    Hi, yes after reading your post I tried joining again as there was a problem with registration when I first tried 6 months ago.

    Hopefully there will be some local meets when the world gets back to normal

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    Billericay, Essex, England.
    Is it possibly a 305ci block with a 400ci (3.75") crank?? This would give about 5.5L.

    Too many idiots, not enough villages!

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    Hi Turbofreak, any follow up on this re. block casting number or info? I’m intrigued....

    Some rather crude calcs for 327ci SBC at +0.060” gives a displacement of just over 5.5litres (4.060” bore, 3.25” stroke) so it’s certainly possible, although unusual. +0.060” could be potentially problematic for a performance build.


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