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    Motorised screen I meant sorry

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    Previously I had speakers between the rear seats in the bulkhead, but the quality wasn’t great and it was all in my left ear. Next, I had speakers on the door cards and this worked ok as long as there was no passenger to block the sound. This is the set up I have now, except that I’ve got 1 inch tweeters mounted on the extreme edge of the dash, but the clearance with the column stalks is a bit tight. It’s not too bad, but after i changed to side pipes from underslungs it was a struggle to hear anything. We’ve tried intercom systems with audio input - maybe if I’d have experimented with different systems we’d have found one that worked better. Door length side screens help hear the music. I haven’t tried in-ear systems as I want to be aware of what’s going on around me (eg screams coming from the passenger seat etc).
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