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    New member - need help

    Hello there.

    I am looking to start a build at the end of this year beginning of next and I need to overcome the first hurdle. My wife

    She would like to see a Cobra in the flesh before letting me start.

    I am based in Newton Abbot and wondered if anyone would be willing to let us come and have a look at your car so I can reassure my wife and I can carry on planning my build and getting everything ready?


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    Have you decided on a manufacturer ? I would go to the local club event if they are meeting up yet. Not sure what is the closest event. It might be a bit awkward with social distancing as a ride in a car would convince her either way lol.
    I got my gf on the insurance and gave her a drive which made her day. The lack of power steering and heavy clutch were things to improve the experience and also as a back up driving on my trip to
    Dax 351 Cleveland T5 2.88 PL

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    I was leaning towards an ak427 but it’s Peterborough based so a 4hr trip there. She wasn’t fussed about a drive in one, just wanted to see one up close in person and have a look at it. I’m confident she will says yes but we have to play these games

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    Welcome to the madhouse

    Your more than welcome to give me a call. I’m only in wellington and am happy to show you around Crendon Replicas and absolute horsepower head quarters and answer any questions you may have regarding anything Cobra related.

    You are only 30 minutes away from one of the most reputable cobra manufacturers and build specialists in the U.K.
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    I am just North of Exeter - you are welcome to bring your lady up and look at my Cobra - she or you can come out with me for a run

    I have just passed the Rep for the SW over to Andy L and we have a lot of members in your area

    Why not come up to me and then go see a anthony at Wellington?

    Give me a shout on a pm or call me on 07836 271393
    CHRIS C - Maisie (DB No 46 )

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    What Anthony said.....
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    I would second the Crendon. Having the manufacturer close by makes things a lot easier for pick up parts or have a look to discuss any build queries.
    Dax 351 Cleveland T5 2.88 PL

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    Hi Jon, and welcome. I might be able to help you with your 'problem' , I'd just need some additional information though.. if you could provide me with:
    - age
    - color of hair/eyes
    - weight
    - mental status
    - financial status
    - any kids involved?
    - picture?

    Serious though, it will take substantial time and resources so it is best to be level on this from the start and it will probably double the fun if the missus enjoys the hobby as well.
    Good luck, Best Regards, Theo

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for the responses. I have messaged Anthony at Crendon as I had no idea they were so close. This is why it is good to post questions on a forum and get advice. I would have been blindly running off otherwise.

    Chris - thanks for the offer, I will drop you a message too and see if we cant arrange something.

    Theo - I wouldn't wish that problem on anyone

    Thanks again and I am sure to hopefully meet some of you along the way and lean on you all for information/advice.

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    Hi Jon
    Welcome to mad house, a run up to Antony's is a good idea, we have just started meeting up again but not at pubs yet, a picnic format in members gardens, the next meet is the Sunday 2nd August mid-day Chris can give you details and my details, when you speak to him
    Best of luck with your cobra purchase, Andy
    CHEVY SB 383 STROKER 6.2Ltr 450 Hp
    Tremec TKO 3550 3.54.1 Jag Diff
    RCR Mk 1 GT 40 in build

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