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The Pole Position places are free so I bought one for each day for nothing. I guess we can buy entry tickets on whichever day but if there is a specific day we want to go for let’s agree and buy advanced. I am happy with either or both. Chris
I am also going to book pole position for either day,after all this is England

My initial plan was to wait until nearer the time and pick the best day, but my daughter was given her "A" level grades this morning , and has been accepted by Kent University,which was her second choice,which is great news. However Kent is a fair way from Rugby and has a different start date to her first Choice of Uni , which now clashes with our planned Devon holiday in a static caravan ,which is now the week before she starts at Kent Uni, so we might have to take her down to Kent on the same weekend as this P and P show.

So, you guys go ahead and i will see how things go ,as to whether i can join you

Chris ,

as you have not been before, just join the long queue of cars , show ground on the left. Dont turn right into the public parking , the turning you want is after on the left ,and once you turn into the show ground ,the parking staff will check your pole parking pass, and tell you where to park . Their is usually two rows of cars entering the ground ,so try and all go in together ,so you can all park together .