Thought I would post some stuff on how my dash build is going. Firstly, I wanted to have a 427R type dash which incorporates a glovebox for practicality, there are also some changes to the switch functions to suit the way the car is engineered. I also wanted the glovebox to lock as per the 289, the 427 di not lock.

I had a look at an original 289 as my starting point and although I know that the bottom edge profile is different, I doubt that there is any other difference between that and a 427.

The "Flat dash" is however not in the least bit flat! The glove box edge is rolled inwards and the back edge of that roll forms the catch for the glovebox lid. The ends of the dash curve away significantly and then finish with a tab parallel to the main surface of the dash which forms the end fixing flange. The lower edge of the original is also not just a 90degree bend but has a small radius to it. All in all a way more complicated shape than it first appears.

You can also see that to the right of the glovebox aperture (this is a LHD car) there is a definite line or crease from the top of the dash down to the start of the curve in the lower edge, this fades away as it reaches the lower edge.

The dash is also not vertical, it is a few degrees off that.