As one of my head light units is now in several pieces, rather than just replace it with another Wipac Quadoptic unit, and keep the standard H4 55/60 halogen bulb, which as some of you guys pointed out ,produces a poor light and beam pattern, I wondered if anyone has fitted these and if so how do they compare to the standard setup.

Or I was also wondering about swapping to Cibie H180 units ,which according to a lot of forums and reviews I have read produce a far better beam pattern to the Wipac unit, and then either fit one of the high output halogen bulbs ,from Osram or PIAA ,or preferably one of the latest branded makes of LED bulb ,such as Osram, Phillips or Twent20, which are properly designed LED bulbs that have their LED chips in the same place as the filament of the original bulb, so that the light source is correctly aligned within the reflector ,which is critical .

Although HID kits are the brightest upgrades you can get, I don’t want to go down that route.