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Thread: Ride height

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    Ride height

    To help high speed stability {-} , GD reccommend that the ride height at the rear is approx 1 inch higher than the front. Does anyone know where the reference points are to measure the difference. I'm certain I never did this when originally setting the car up & with track days on the horizon......


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    RE: Ride height

    On a Dax the measurements are taken between the bottom of the chassis and the ground.
    I guess a GD will be similar.

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    RE: Ride height

    as kev says,the chassis is only the real accurate place to measure from,even if it is a nightmare to get at
    I set my ride height by measuring the threaded portion under each adjuster ring on the shocks,not ideal but measured at a few key areas on the car and it seems ok :tu
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