Hi Guys,

Its been a while and haven't driven her for two years for a lot of different reasons! Hoping to get the work done to her over the winter so that she can be on the road again next year.

Anyway, looking at building another kit (the Tornado BT40) and that got me thinking about engines and that led to retrofit EFI like the FiTech, Edelbrock and MSD Atomic kits.

351W bored and stroked up to 394 producing 450bhp at the wheels. Edelbrock performer intake manifold with a 750cfm Holley Carb on top. I can't remember what cam is in it but it is a lot less radical than the first one I put in! I've never been completely happy with the set up with the carb and have had various people look at it and tune it - hot starting issues, backward running on stopping etc.

I've got MSD 6AL ignition on her so am quite tempted by the MSD kit for consistency and the fact that they can work together for more efficiency and power. I'd like to use the single line kit if at all possible as the plumbing would be a PITA.

What do people think to that system.

Any help / thoughts much appreciated.


PS where have people put the O2 sensor.