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    Rust in cooling system

    Another stupid post from me
    My car came with a heater pumped in. Couldn't really see the point and it never worked . . . I've discovered why (see picture below - blocked outlet on water pump - BTW this is an ali pump that had a ali fitting)! I think I'm just going to clean this up and blank it off . . . . but has anyone got any tips on cleaning up the system overall. I replaced the coolant in the summer (used blue coolant as I have a copper radiator). I removed and unblocked the drain plugs from the engine (350 chevy) and rad, replaced all the hoses and flushed with a hose for 1/2 hour or so. I've drained it again in the last few weeks as I'm replacing my cylinder heads, and the blue coolant was a lovely shade of rust again (after about 200miles of driving). I'm thinking I should fill it with something to attack the rust next time, before replacing with coolant. Anyone got any suggestions or do I just have to live with this? Waterless coolant perhaps?
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    On a production car, after an oil-cooler failure (water jacketed oil cooler which, essentially, pumped engine oil into the cooling system when it failed), I may or may not have used a combination of:

    Dishwasher tablets
    Lots and lots and lots of flushing

    Fernox and tablets not at the same time..

    Before finally refilling with 50/50 coolant & water; the coolant is what prevents future corrosion and is why they have a lifetime - it looks like that has been left with 100% water or with expired coolant in it for some time!
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    I wanted to reply to this thread touting a product I used years ago, but I can't find it anymore. It was a two-part system; cleaner and then neutralizer. It worked fairly well. So I'll try the next best thing. I researched it a little and found the highest currently recommended product to be Thermocure:

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