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    We have a full compliment of Hive electronic TRVs and a Hive thermostat here; any TRV can call for heat and 'boost' the thermostat (only the radiator calling for heat will be on, of course). Works well for us where we have rooms that don't see regular use and can be left cooler (plus the OH likes the bedroom to be the temperature of the arctic), but far from inexpensive and reliant on the Interwebs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
    Craig's method sounds rather complicated to me!
    It’s simple, all controlled from an app on a phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonym View Post
    Why not just set your current thermostat to a higher temperature? That way the heating will come on and heat up the cold rooms?

    That is what we’ve been doing for the last few years since we moved in. It does not work very well unfortunately.
    The builder decided to put the upstairs thermostat in the room at the rear of the house (which faces South so gets heat from the sun all day), it also has rooms on 2 sides with radiators which work on separate circuits and a hot water tank.
    Even allowing this room to get up to mid high 20s and leaving the windows open the front two rooms get very little heat and once up to temperature this room does not generally cool down very quickly so boiler does not trigger on for some time.
    What makes this worse is that it’s my bedroom and I hate trying to sleep in an over hot room.

    I fitted the new wireless t’stat at the weekend, needed to sort out some extra wiring but went OK. Now got the t’stat in the coldest room (where it should have been all along) and the upstairs temperature is now good and even.
    I guess I should fit a TRV to the radiator in the rear room but for the time being have just closed the valves. Room is still struggling to get below 22 during the day though.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and help all.

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