So....scope creep really kicked in

Having taken my wheels off to check the inside for cracks, the next obvious thing to do “while I’m there” is bearings, UJ’s and rear Toe angle.

Couple of questions though.

Can some kind soul do the maths for me (target is 0.1 degree overall), I can’t get my head around angles! Distance between bolts is 110mm, near side is 0.43 deg toe in, offside is 0.5 deg toe in (total 0.93 deg toe in), I need shims but would rather not do fit/hope/measure as it’s a pain!

Next there a cunning way of removing the inner bearing race from the fulcrum pivot on the hub? I can’t get a straight shot at it from the other side.

Final question, any recommendations on UJ’s (upgrade/chunky = better), I fitted eBay chineseum last time and they’ve worn quicker than I expected.