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Thread: E10!

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon View Post
    I'm more interested in the Porsche with the LS in.....
    Ha, yes, it’s impressive! It’s a 944 which he totally rebuilt and upgraded the suspension and put a LSD and updated gearbox in it. He bought a kit from the States which was basically a bell housing and engine mounts to suit the LS plus an adapter to get on to the 944 torque tube. Then a 480hp (on the dyno) LS. To be fair he has done a cracking job. It’s funny with kids, you teach them, then they end up doing stuff better than you! With your tools!
    To start with it ripped the torque tube to pieces so he had Dave Mac make up a new shaft to his specs and upgraded the bearings in the tube. Now it’s good. Really fast, as quick as my cobra and handles really well. 50/50 weight distribution. Nice car
    Well done Chris he’s a credit to you as the car is to him. Make sure you get your tools back!

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    So in short use tesco or esso super 99, do you still ad an addative on top of that ? Then a drive to mix it uop a bit, then keep tank full ove winter.?
    also worth updating any rubber pipes to ethanol proof. I suppose if you are ‘new building’ by the pump and any other seals as ethanol proof during rebuild. What about seals near the engine such as fuel injection or carb rubbers. ? I think holley/SU sell these parts as ethanol proof. What about paperelement in filters.? Fuel tank material?

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    If Esso is genuinely ethanol free then I guess no additives are required. However, I always add TetraBoost whatever I fill up on but I am running old school engine with high compression. I am trying to emulate the old 5 star fuel.
    For peace of mind, a drop of admix for winter storage is not going to do any harm whatsoever. I also put a drop of TetraBoost in all my garden machinery tanks for winter!
    Fir the cobra I put the admix in first then let it mix itself with the petrol as it pumps in.

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