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    I have given some misinformation,
    my old 1978 SD1 had a 10a block with neoprene rear seal.
    My SR v8 has a 3.9 block with SD1 heads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumbleweed View Post
    Its a 14 bolt 3.5 from an SD1. 11a block number.

    - Standard heads/ports. (skimmed to allow for composite head gasket)
    - Viper Hurricane cam
    - Re-bored with higher (10.5:1) compression pistons
    - Edelbrock performer manifold - 2198
    - Edelbrock/Weber 500 carb (i refurbished this but probably needs replacing at some point)

    Got LOADS more images of the build if you need/want to see anything specific.

    Thanks for the info'. Reason I thought early is it looks like a P6 style crank pulley, could have been replaced of course as mine has as it's quite a neat arrangement when only driving alternator and waterpump.

    Nice clean up job though.

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