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    Chevy 383/getrag clutch upgrade

    I was running my Gen 1 AK in last summer so did not accelerate too hard but noticed definite clutch slip with more throttle. I checked to ensure the clutch rod was not under tension and it all seemed ok so I am thinking the clutch needs upgrading. At the moment it’s running:
    Chevy 383 stroker (roughly 450 hp/470 Ib ft)
    Jag XJS getrag box.
    BYV2025 153t flywheel.
    BY260121M 11” 23 spline friction plate.
    BY360710 pressure plate.

    I am interested in upgrading to a hydraulic throw off bearing at the same time to get a nicer pedal feel as it had a heavy clutch with low biting point after bleeding several times etc. Has anyone tried doing this yet? I have got the box off at the moment so I can do some measurements etc and also check operation if I do have to use an external slave rather than hydraulic throw off.

    Real steel gave me a possible part numbers of 360703 pressure plate and 272510 friction plate and 13301/04 throw off (dependant on suitability with box)

    Summit have mentioned Ram powergrip 300/900 clutch disc 987 and RAM competition pressure plate 401.

    What set ups would you guys recommend?



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    I changed to a hydraulic throwout years ago and have also recently (last year) upgraded my whole clutch assembly from an 11 inch HP clutch to a McLeod twin plate. I found if I ran decent tyres the clutch was suffering and slipping (I do run VERY sticky tyres!). My son also had a similar problem with his LS at 480hp and he also upgraded to a twin plate. No issues since.
    Some on this forum have had problems with hydraulic throwouts and twin plate clutches but I think it is a case of setting them up. A 'gap' of 3 to 5mm seems to work best. It's one of those jobs where lots of measuring and care saves grief later. Plenty of YouTubes to explain it.
    If I remember correctly my McLeod is good for 800hp. Good light pedal too but you do have to get used to the on/off characteristic - it's easy to spin the wheels at junctions until you get used to it.
    Like everything it depends what you want to spend and what you want to do. Bought mine from Summit but with a SBC there are probably more options and in the UK.
    Dax with 1964 Dual Quad 427 and Toploader box

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    Cheers, Chris.

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