I was running my Gen 1 AK in last summer so did not accelerate too hard but noticed definite clutch slip with more throttle. I checked to ensure the clutch rod was not under tension and it all seemed ok so I am thinking the clutch needs upgrading. At the moment it’s running:
Chevy 383 stroker (roughly 450 hp/470 Ib ft)
Jag XJS getrag box.
BYV2025 153t flywheel.
BY260121M 11” 23 spline friction plate.
BY360710 pressure plate.

I am interested in upgrading to a hydraulic throw off bearing at the same time to get a nicer pedal feel as it had a heavy clutch with low biting point after bleeding several times etc. Has anyone tried doing this yet? I have got the box off at the moment so I can do some measurements etc and also check operation if I do have to use an external slave rather than hydraulic throw off.

Real steel gave me a possible part numbers of 360703 pressure plate and 272510 friction plate and 13301/04 throw off (dependant on suitability with box)

Summit have mentioned Ram powergrip 300/900 clutch disc 987 and RAM competition pressure plate 401.

What set ups would you guys recommend?