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    Gardner Douglas GD-427 Mk3 For sale

    *** Advertised on behalf of UK Cobra Club member, Ken Dawes ***
    (Ken is 'not good' with keyboards so I agreed to post this on his behalf).
    This GD was featured in UK Cobra Club's Snake Torque magazine, issue 138, March 2020 (the cover article, written by Tony Martin of 'Motoring Past').
    The car was built jointly by the owner (retired Tool Maker) and Tony Martin of 'Motoring Past'.
    Chassis/Body: Gardner Douglas GD-427 Mk3, Jag Backbone space-frame chassis, body painted in Porsche Titan Silver with Honda Satin Silver stripes (paint by Airora, in Worcester).
    Interior: Red leather seats, door cards and full dash, black carpets, GD footwell extension pack fitted giving approx 3.5" extra width at driver pedals.
    : GD supplied Chevy LS6 5.7 litre V8, Dyno tested by Tim Adams Racing Engines at 456 BHP at 6400 rpm and over 400 lb/ft of torque between 3800 & 5800 rpm. Aluminium block and heads, fuel injected, fitted with Canems ECU & drive-by-wire engine management.
    Gearbox: GD Supplied Tremec TKO 5 Speed.
    Suspension: Jaguar XJ6 series 3, fitted with poly bushes and 6 adjustable GAZ col spring dampers.
    Steering: Electric power assisted steering using column and motor from a Vauxhall Corsa.
    Brakes: Jag XJ6 series 3, new discs all round, inboard rear brakes with remote bleed screws (callipers professionally overhauled at build).
    Differential: Jag XJ6 series 3 (professionally overhauled at build).
    Wheels: 15" Halibrand classic style from Image Wheels fitted with Avon tyres.
    Exhaust: GD supplied all stainless steel underslung system with 2 catalytic converters & wide spaced rear exit pipes.
    IVA test completed: 2019.
    Milage: less that 1000.
    Price: £45k
    A beautiful car built with care and great attention to detail by Ken and Tony (
    Please contact Ken direct at the following (he does not use this forum):
    Home phone: 01905 821721
    Mobile: 07518 478630
    Pictures to follow...
    Graham Heatrick - Dax 350SBC, Cobra Replica Club UK Magazine Editor

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    Graham Heatrick - Dax 350SBC, Cobra Replica Club UK Magazine Editor

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    That is an absolute peach!
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    Liking the look of those bonnet hinges, have toyed with the idea of making something similar myself. Wonder if the boot has similar?
    Side vents look good too.

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    Exceptional quality build - evident from those photos indeed. Stunning.
    DAX Cobra. May contain nuts. Always read the label.


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