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    The community has changed a lot over the last couple of decades, and this forum is abs fine for the guys who buy their cars from dealers and look for a garage to service them.
    For those of us that like spannering and creating things, perhaps an alternative venue is needed?

    I got sick of the same sort of problem.
    I've had to put my pics up on a Google album and then create links for them, but no preview is available.

    Whilst the forum is good for general chat and giving verbal advice, maybe this forum is just getting too old and unloved for resource sharing other than just text/banter - maybe its time that a construction and technical forum is put somewhere else. The Sumo builders already have an excellent facebook page where lots of Pilgrim build stuff now gets posted.
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    It's a shame really, the easier it is to post with pictures. The more interesting content will be posted of people's work/ideas they want to share. When doing so becomes a pain, the forum loses out.

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    I had the same issue with the Triumph I was restoring on the triumph site and no one was really bothered about sorting the picture issue.
    So rather than get a shi77y on and throw my toys ou the pram I though about a method that would record my builds and issues for others to see and to save all the pics and write up for myself.

    I came across wordpress, free to use if you don't mind a few adverts at the bottom of a page, and if of course your write up blog is that good they might actually give you money per view, and started that.
    Now all I say is on the various sites is "here you go, here is the link, look if you are bothered". There are paid versions of wordpress and all sorts of stuff but I'm not techie at all and cant be arsed to learn a lot of new crap that I'm never going to really use, so hence the free wordpress.

    My blog for the recent restos.
    Use the menu, GT6 has several pages, MG one only that at the moment as its progressing, cakes have their own pics as well.

    Sometimes if you want to promote your work you have to think outside the box, also I found FB a shi^^y platform to try and post pics on and they soon get lost in all the traffic and crap usually posted "experts" on them.

    Just a thought

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